5 Fitness Gifts You Should Buy for Yourself This Winter

Did you make tons of New Year’s resolutions for the holidays, and, now, you have to actually keep your promises? Then, this list will definitely help you, as it contains various items to jumpstart your new and exciting, fitness-oriented life. Here are the products to consider.

An Incredibly Cool Belt Bag from Nike

Firstly, we need to give ourselves a great motivation to do fitness. How about buying this amazingly beautiful fanny pack? It is incredibly gorgeous, and you would simply hate to see it not being used. Wear it either on your belt or across your chest, in any case, you will look stunning.

This belt bag was designed to aid long-distance runners: just put the essentials in the bag and go for a run. The fanny pack has an incredibly beautiful color, which lies somewhere in the middle between matter pink and peach.

The quality of this fanny pack is outstanding: although the bag does not cost that much, it still upholds the brand name of Nike by being so high-quality. The material feels incredibly nice and premium, and the zippers will not give up on you after a couple of years of using the bag.

The 10-Day Reset by Sakara Life

Do you feel like you have wasted so much time leading an unhealthy lifestyle? Do you think that you will never succeed in making your body feel good about it? Well, you are definitely in the wrong here: everything is possible if you approach it smartly.

Just gift yourself this 10-day reset and detoxification bundle to jumpstart your fitness journey. Just start with the small things and do not overbear yourself with progressing too quickly! This detoxification bundle is perfect for those who are only starting out with fitness!

The bundle contains easy, nutritional, and healthy recipes for you to cook, beauty and detox water drops, daily probiotic blend, detox and energy bars, detox tea, as well as a booklet to give you guidance on using all of these items. Over the 10-day course, your skin will clear up, your gut will heal up, you will feel more energetic, you will start to lose excess weight, as well as your digestive system will become restored. After 10 days, the task of keeping up a healthy lifestyle will be only up to you.

Bose Wireless Sport Headphones

Do you get extremely bored while doing fitness or exercising? If only there was some way to keep your mind entertained while you are doing menial exercises. Oh wait, there is: you can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and music while you are working out!

If you just hate constantly fighting the annoying earphone cables, then you should definitely get yourself wireless headphones. This pair stays on your head no matter what you are doing – it is as if they were glued to your head!

The wireless headphones are a really nice item to have. If you have never really listened to anything while working out, then a whole new universe of experiencing your pieces of training will be open to you. While you are doing physical exercises, it is great to take your mind to some other place.

Many people also find that it is much easier to push themselves when they are listening to some intense music. So, really consider gifting yourself this pair, if you do not have sport wireless earphones yet.

Kool8 Water Bottle

Of course, you have to keep yourself hydrated during the workouts and in between. According to CNN, this is incredibly important to the overall well-being of your body.

If you dismiss replenishing your hydration levels, then you are in for a whole list of problems. Combined with the stress on the body from the exercises, the negative effects will be:

  • You will feel tired all of the time.
  • You will start to have digestive problems.
  • Your eyes will be continuously sore.
  • You will be prone to having bad breath.
  • You will have stiff joints that will ache.
  • You will have ongoing headaches.

Not a great possible future, is it? Well, good thing is that there exists a product that completely resolves the problem of being hydrated all of the time and everywhere. Kool8 water bottle is an incredibly nifty water bottle that solves exactly this problem.

It is completely insulated, so, it makes even more sense to buy it for winter fitness: if you fill it with warm water, it will stay like that during the whole day. According to waterbottle.io, they tried to create the perfect water bottle that could be effectively utilized in all of the seasons.

Well, they tried and nailed the task. They created an amazing solution to the eternal problem of staying hydrated. Check it out if you do not have a water bottle.

Cascade Mountain Tech Adjustable Trekking Poles

Does fitness combine well with other hobbies? Of course, it does! If you dislike going to the gym and mindlessly performing the same actions each day, then there are other options for you too. Hiking is an excellent alternative to fitness, as it is quite demanding from your body!

Gift yourself these trekking poles and start two hobbies at the same time! The trekking poles themselves are of incredibly high quality, and they are said to be perfect for beginners and amateurs alike. Also, according to the BBC, walking lots makes a better worker.

The poles are an intrinsic part of your typical winter hiking gear. If you are an avid hiker or a trekker, then, why not gift yourself some more items to aid your hobby?

Do you think you have everything? Maybe, but a check with this full and complete list of awesome winter hiking gear will not harm you. If you have everything, then great, you know this. If not, then now you know what you need. According to Gift Wits, here are all winter hiking gear necessities you need.


Those were the top fitness-oriented gifts you could get for yourself. Think of these gifts as an investment into the better-looking and healthier version of your future self. Not a bad image, right?

Realize the dream by starting small with these gifts to set you on a correct path. According to the New York Times, here is a great on how to delve into the fitness life properly.

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