5 Beaches For Your Next Yoga Session In Houston

Sunbathing while meditating – how serene this would be! Seems too good to be true, right? Well, not in Houston.

Houston’s private and public beaches offer a wide range of relaxing, meditative activities such as Yoga, Chi, etc. Not only are these perfect for getting all your chakras in line, but you also get to soak in the glory of a Texan beach.

So, if you want to experience a tranquil meditative environment amidst the humdrum of the city, we have you covered. Check out the 5 best Houston beaches you should go to for your next Yoga session!

Surfside Beach

Surfside beach might just be another name for serenity. Around 65 miles away from Houston, this stretch of beach is known for its calm and soothing impact on all its visitors.

The 4 miles long coastline sees numerous visitors coming for a short detour and relaxing under umbrellas or on bath towels. The place is so pristine that you can’t help falling into deep introspection. Here, you can lie down for an excellent yoga session and sweat all your worries away.

The real cherry on the cake is the low tides that provide you with the rhythmic ebb and flow. Listening to this natural music and meditation won’t feel like a chore.

Sylvan Beach

Sylvan Beach is just a 30-minute ride from downtown Houston, making it one of the closest beaches to the town. So, if you aren’t looking to go far, relax here. Despite having a 32-acre water park, the place is quite secluded from city life.

It is a place free of all the hustle and bustle, great sand, less seaweed, and low waves. There are many spas nearby too. So, if your goal here is to chill a bit and then go for a spa day after a decent yoga session, you have yourself a package deal.

There are many resting spaces, playgrounds, and different open spaces here, which you can avail at quite a reasonable price.

Jamaica Beach

Looking for a free Houston beach with no entry tickets? Jamaica is your answer.

The beach is a public area open to all and hence enjoys quite a lot of attention.

Although there has been a community park complex here since 1989, you can still opt for the yoga spots like the open ground or just the seafront. Pick a site that is less crowded and just settles down to relax.

Once you are done relaxing, the whole picnic ground, basketball court and other attractions are there to fulfill your fun quota of the day.

Galveston Island State Park

Galveston Island may be a prime spot for swimming, paddling and other forms of water sport. But, it essentially is one of the best places to lay down your yoga mats and let go of the outer world.

The 2100 km long vast seafront reeks of the promise of a calm, soothing and soul-stirring experience that your mind would cherish.

You will also see a wide variety of seabirds, herons, and other rare species soaring high in the sky. And, if you still end up missing it, you have plenty of canoeing and fishing options. Do we really have to say anything more?

Sea Rim State Park

Situated on “the extreme southeast stretch of Houston, this natural beach park is sprawled over 4000 acres of land. The place is a shrine to all bounties of nature.

People come to Sea Rim State Park to enjoy flora and fauna, walk alongside the waterfront, or lie under the sun. You certainly can do Yoga too in this absolutely scenic spot.

Fishing, hiking a short trail and horseriding alongside the broad walk are other activity options for Sea Rim. So if you have the time, be sure to check them out too!

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