3 Tips to Sustainably Losing Weight in 2021

Losing weight has remained a perennial goal throughout the generations, whether based on a desire to look better, feel better, or both. Perhaps it is more acutely desired than ever due to modern social awareness and trends. In any case, it can definitely enhance one’s overall quality of life if pursued properly. However, the steps people usually take to attain this goal can end up being rather problematic and unsustainable.

These issues have been compounded in the year 2020, with a contentious election and a deadly pandemic dominating the year almost entirely. However, with a new year comes new opportunities, and with all of this information in mind, the following are 3 tips to sustainably losing weight in 2021.

Evaluate your Lifestyle

The first tip to sustainably losing weight in 2021 is to take a look at your current way of life in order to establish a solid baseline.

Far too many people end up choosing goals that are unrealistic in regards to the lifestyle that they are currently living. However, upending your entire life as you know it to make admirable yet unrealistic goals may work in the short term but will eventually prove difficult to adhere to in the long term. It is better to focus on smaller goals that can be more closely and easily integrated into your current day-to-day routine, thereby reducing the risk of getting burned out.

For example, if you are someone who rarely does moderate or any physical activity, seeking to perform intense workouts nearly every day of the week may easily result in a relapse to the old ways and even a distrust of exercise altogether.

Similarly, while going cold turkey is certainly possible when it comes to eating better, it is better still to find fulfilling and flavorful alternatives to unhealthy foods than simply abandoning them, only to return to them in times of stress.

Alternatively, simply reducing portions of foods already enjoyed and limiting the intake of sweet or fatty food items as much as possible is a much more reasonable goal than sudden change all at once.

Get in the Game

The second tip to sustainably losing weight in 2021 is to get your head in the game, so to speak. Losing weight sustainably is doable, but it will require dedication and effort to do it.

It is more than simply the sum of many individual physical actions and plans, but rather a test of determination and willpower that will require you to battle your own limiting thoughts and negative emotions from within. You will have to come to terms with the reality of what is required for you to reach your goal, but as long as you are able to keep a positive and healthy mindset and habits, there is no reason why you should not be able to reach your goal.

Focus on Diet

The third and final tip to sustainably losing weight in 2021 is to focus on not just exercise but dietary choices in particular. While most people think that weight loss almost entirely centers around exercise, scientific research instead suggests that changes in diet matter even more in terms of losing fat and weight and keeping them off in the long term.

The process can be started with eating plates half full of vegetables during most of one’s meals.

Vegetables happen to contain minimal calories for every cup yet boast very high levels of fiber, which slows down the digestion process and allows you to continue feeling full, thereby cutting down on cravings and helping you take greater control of your dietary situation.

Extra virgin olive oil, along with other elements of a Mediterranean diet, can prove to be a suitable dietary choice, with the best olive oil for weight loss easily available online.

Losing weight and keeping it off is a goal that many have, and it is a noble one at that. However, it also happens to be a goal that takes a lot of time, effort, commitment, and sound choices in terms of exercise and diet, particularly the latter.

Simply making changes here and there without fully thinking them through and thoroughly understanding the relevant science and logic behind them is bound to result in an unfulfilled endeavor down the line. It is a daily battle with oneself for oneself.

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