3 of The Best Places to Practice Yoga Around the World

Yoga is a popular practice for workout fanatics and those who wish to practice meditation and mindfulness alike. With countless benefits for both your body and your mind, it is estimated that over half a billion people practice yoga worldwide in 2022.

Yoga is popular around the world and has syles and practices that vary depending on the country you are located in. Some countries maintain ancient traditions for practicing yoga, whereas others have adapted to a modernized version of yoga that focuses mostly on relaxation and mindfulness.

Regardless of your history with yoga or the type of experience, you are looking to have, here are 3 of the best places in the world to practice. Consider taking a private flight from access jet group to your favorite destination on the list for the ultimate luxury getaway that will relax both your body and your mind. 


Yoga originates from Northern India, so it should be no surprise that the country made the top of this list. Modern yoga that is practiced in India today looks more similar to the practice of yoga which is mentioned in ancient, sacred scriptures of Hinduism than the Westernized practices we might be familiar with within the United States.

In other words, you are less likely to find yoga classes as you know them, and will likely not find native Indians practicing things like “hot yoga,” which is a popular westernized practice. India is the perfect place to visit and take your love for yoga to the next level if you are already an experienced participant.


Yoga is a major part of Hawaiian culture, with a majority of its residents practicing regularly. Like in India, Hawaiian yoga practices are often rooted in tradition and an ancient understanding of yoga and its benefits for the body. If you are looking for yoga that relies on ancient practices with a modernized twist, Hawaii is the place for you. 


Mexico is a popular location for yoga retreats which often take place on, or nearby, one of the country’s gorgeous beaches. This is a perfect destination for anyone wanting to experience a luxury yoga retreat, which pairs mindful yoga sessions with the opportunity to relax and be pampered at one of the country’s luxury spas or resorts. This is perfect for those who are less serious about yoga but are looking for the chance to experience mindfulness and relaxation.

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