3 Great Gifts for Your Active Partner

In the expansive world of fitness gear, it’s easy to get lost in the countless versions and options for each product. This makes meaningful and lasting gifts that your partner isn’t likely to already own often challenging to come by. If he or she is a fitness fanatic, chances are they’re already equipped with the basics, so it’s up to you to find something special.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three great pieces of fitness gear that go beyond your basic running sneakers or fitness band. Whether they can do cardio in their sleep or are looking for a fun alternative to working their abs, there’s something for every type of active partner here.

Sauna Suit

Dubbed an “unfair advantage” when it comes to weight loss, the sauna suit is a fairly new invention that takes your typical compression-style fitness gear to the next level. It’s essentially a neoprene suit for saunas and comes packed with a number of features and benefits that enhance your workout while looking no different to your average outfit.

With the suit on, your body is lightly compressed by the neoprene fabric, which accelerates sweating and increases your metabolism. This facilitates increased weight loss of up to 40.4% compared to doing the same workout in normal clothing.

Kewlioo offers this type of technology in a number of variations for both men and women, including suits, vests, shorts, waist pieces. Their unique design also helps with lower back and abdominal support, helping you stay on form during your workouts.

Stealth Core Trainer

Most fitness fanatics can perform a plank for a few minutes without any fuss - but can they do it while playing a game? The Stealth Core Trainer is essentially a balance board, except with a somewhat evil twist. Connect it to your smartphone, place it on the allocated space, and get into plank position.

From here, it’s up to you to aim a crosshair in the right direction by balancing yourself on the board. This creates a more dynamic workout by forcing you to twist and turn and the randomly generated targeting ensures that no session is the same.

The Stealth Board Trainer makes for a pretty unique and challenging take on the classic plank board and will likely drive even the most avid bodyweight gymnast insane given enough time. To further motivate your loved one, a community leaderboard is built into the app, allowing those with the strongest willpower to compete for the best times.

SportsArt Eco-Pwr Cycling Machine

Does your partner constantly leave the lights on? Why not get them to redeem themselves by also getting them fit with the SportsArt Eco-Pwr cycling machine, an upright cycle that plugs into your home electricity and generates power as you pedal away!

The powerful onboard computer offers 40 resistance levels, with indications for your heart rate, cardio zone, weight loss zone, calories, total strides and, of course, the amount of electricity you’re generating for your home. Multiple workout programs are built into the machine, including fit test, cardio, plateau, and weight loss.

SportsArt also offers a range of other power-generating products, including a treadmill, elliptical cycle, cross-trainer, and recumbent cycle, among others. It’s safe to say that they come at a pretty penny. Then again, that’s all the more reason to push harder and lower your power bill, right?


To sum it up, these products will either drive you towards your weight loss goals, drive your power grid, or probably drive you insane. No matter which direction you opt for, your partner will appreciate the unique and thoughtful gift that you’ve just bestowed upon them.

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