3 Benefits of Taking an Ice Bath

The words “ice bath” may send a shiver down your spine, literally. The idea of voluntarily submerging yourself in a tub full of ice is enough to make even the most cold weather-loving people reach for a heated blanket. It may sound unappealing, but don’t write ice baths off just yet! Here are 3 of the biggest benefits of taking an ice bath at home. Trust us - your body will thank you!

Muscle Recovery

One of the biggest benefits of taking an ice bath is that ice baths can help your muscles recover after an intense workout. When you are exposed to cold water, the blood vessels in your body constrict and become smaller. When you get out of the water, the sudden change in temperature causes your blood vessels to quickly re-open, which helps to flush the metabolic waste products from your muscles. Pretty cool, right?

Improve Sleep

You would think that getting into a tub of ice would do anything but help you get to sleep, but studies show that taking an ice bath can actually have a positive effect on your central nervous system. You know the feeling of coming inside after a long day or playing in the snow, putting on a warm pair of pajamas and curling up in bed?

Taking an ice bath can create that same experience. Spending just 15 minutes in an ice bath can help you fall asleep and feel better overall, making ice baths a definite must-try for anyone struggling with insomnia or general trouble falling asleep. 

Boost Immunity

Again, you wouldn’t think that taking a dip in a tub full of ice would have many positive effects on your body and overall health, but studies have found that ice baths can help boost your immunity.

Did you know that people who take cold showers as opposed to hot showers are almost 30 percent less likely to take a sick day from work or school? Whether you prefer taking a cold shower or an ice bath, it’s clear that there are some great benefits to switching up your routine and incorporating some cold water every now and then. 

There are endless benefits to taking ice baths, as well as the practice of hydrotherapy, which involves treating different issues with water at different temperatures. From stress to heart conditions to skin issues like eczema, it’s amazing what water can do for the body.

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