100 Pushups a Day for a Month: Are They Good for You?

As a symbol of good body health and wellness, no other exercise surpasses the simple push-up. This simple exercise tests the whole body by engaging muscle groups in the chest, arms, hips, abdomen and legs. You’re probably wondering: can I do 100 pushups a day for a month?

For sure, it looks pretty easy since most of us know the basics: wrists below the shoulders, heels together, bend and straighten your elbows, and viola, a simple exercise that works your entire body. However, there are several tweaks that can make you take your push-up technique to a whole new level.

Push-ups exercise tests the whole body by engaging muscle groups in the chest, arms, hips, abdomen and legs.

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Are 100 Pushups a Day for a Month Good for You?

100 Pushups a Day for a Month

Push-ups are excellent strength-training exercises for those who prefer working out in the comfort of their home because they require little equipment. Performing the push-ups regularly can strengthen multiple muscle groups in the body and lead to numerous benefits. 100 Pushups a day for a month, however, are not ideal.

If you perform body strength training on a daily basis, your muscles will barely have sufficient recovery time.

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Allow for Time to Recover

100 Pushups a Day for a Month

If you’re planning to perform this strength training exercise, you’ll need a schedule that lets you exercise at least twice a week. You should plan your strength training workout schedule in a manner that it allows for one or two days between every session for muscle recovery.

Sufficient recovery period is crucial to the health of your muscles, and failure to allocate enough recovery time can result in muscle injury.

Diversify your pushups

100 Pushups a Day for a Month

It is possible to perform pushups on consecutive days provided you vary your push-ups and don’t work the same muscles every day. Although push-ups have various target muscles, they involve the use of a couple of overlapping muscles such as the triceps, biceps and pectorals.

From diamond-push-ups to wide-arm push-ups, from one-hand push-ups to single-leg push-ups, there are numerous push-up variations to perform for utmost strength training effectiveness.

With an array of push-up options to perform, you not only meet your fitness needs but also keep yourself from getting bored due to monotonous workouts.

How Can You Get the Most out of Your Pushups?

For many people, doing 100 push-ups a day for a month is just a nightmare. Some cannot even stand the thought of doing 30 push-ups alone. So, what could be the problem?

The truth is that there are certain tweaks you can make to improve your push-up technique and get the most out of your workouts. To easily perform 100 push-ups for a day, here are tips to help you perfect this exercise.

Keep The Neck In Line With Your Spine

100 Pushups a Day for a Month

Tilting your head too far upward or dropping it too far down can exert much pressure on your spine and aggravate your risk of spine injuries, the opposite of getting stronger. To properly perform push-ups, you need to find a neutral spine.

Instead of looking straight out in front or tucking your chin, try to gaze about 8 inches in front of your fingertips. Keep your eyes focused in that position as you push-up and you won’t have to worry about damaging your spine

Keep The Core Engaged

100 Pushups a Day for a Month

The core entails more than the abdominal muscles. It includes the entire midsection, which is almost everything but the extremities. Activating your core muscles, including the abs, glutes, and obliques not only takes stress off your lower back but also stabilizes your hips so that the body remains in a single long line even as you lower down.

By actively squeezing the navel towards the spine, the pushup turns out to be just as much of an abdominal workout as doing the plank.

Master the Breathing Technique

100 Pushups a Day for a Month

If we were highlighting these in order of importance, this would definitely pick first position. Just like any other exercise, the right breathing technique aids in improving your form.

Proper breathing is what drives your body movement. Fitness experts advise that you exhale on the effort of your movement. This implies that you exhale when you push your body upwards and inhale as you go down.

By exhaling, you’re basically trying to empty your lungs of as much air as possible to aid in contracting the core and develop more power for your movement.

What Would Happen if You Did 100 Pushups a Day for a Month?

100 Pushups a Day for a Month

Push-ups are one of the top bodyweight exercises for strengthening your core and upper body muscles. Many fitness gurus and professional athletes have sworn by performing hundreds of push-ups routinely to stay in good body shape. Thinking of 100 pushups a day for a month? Here is what would happen.

Larger Chest.

The push-up is an excellent strength building exercise that mainly works your pecs. This means that doing them regularly will increase the size of your chest over time. Performing 100 push-ups a day for a month will not only make your chest significantly larger but also increase your arm power.

Stronger Core

Well, it is no secret that push-ups are excellent exercises for strengthening the upper body. Besides, performing a high volume of pushups regularly helps develop a strong, rock-solid core. You can also alter your push-up variation by raising one leg during pushup sets to increase the tension on your core.

Higher Anaerobic Endurance

Anaerobic endurance – the opposite of cardiovascular endurance, relates to how the body can perform an activity for a prolonged period without sufficient oxygen supply. Push-ups are basic resistance training exercises and performing them in high repetitions increases the anaerobic endurance of your shoulders, arms and chest.

Takeaway Message

If you’re looking for a way to build lean arms, tone your shoulders, and sculpt your abs all in a single move, then look no farther. The pushup is a bodyweight exercise that not only targets the major upper body muscles but also boosts your core strength.

The best part about this exercise is that no fancy equipment is required and you can do it just about anywhere. To get the most out of your pushups, you need to:

  • Master the breathing technique
  • Keep your core engaged
  • Keep the neck in line with your spine

It’s my hope that you enjoyed reading this post and you’re free to drop us a comment to share your thoughts with us. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family as well.

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