10 Jumping Rope Exercises That Burn Calories

It really does seem like you’ve tried everything to lose weight. Well, maybe not everything. It is said that jumping ropes can give you that whole-body, high-intensity workout you need to get fit and healthy. Yes, it’ll definitely be shedding those extra pounds that have been annoying you so much, too.

What’s so great about using the jump rope to get fit is that it adds an element of fun into your routines. Plus, you won’t have to go through all the trouble of finding and paying for a gym because all your exercises can be conveniently done at home. Speaking of exercises, what exactly do jump ropes have to offer in that regard?

Advant​ages of Jumping Rope Workouts

Let’s not forget that the jump rope is a versatile tool that allows you to take your workouts anywhere, boost your cardio, burn more calories, and accomplish your fitness goals all without setting foot in a gym. One of the best things about jumping rope workouts is that it’s a constant learning process. You never feel like you’re stuck or that you’ve plateaued because there’s always something new to learn.

So don’t hesitate to go over our list of jump rope exercises that’ll lay waste to all your calories. Learn and be challenged by these amazing routines.

Jump Rope Exercises That Shed Calories

Before you start learning any of these exercises, make sure you’re wearing the right gear. Don the proper athletic apparel and remember that the right jump rope shoes can help. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. The Basic Jump

As the foundation for all your jumps, the basic jump is something you have to learn first. It’s an exercise that we typically work into our routines, usually using heavy ropes.

Incorporating this jump into your daily fitness program gives you that extra calorie-burning advantage. This is what every beginner needs to focus on mastering so that it’s easier for them to advance forward.

2. Alternate Foot Step Jump

A step up from the basic jump in both difficulty level and effectiveness, the alternate foot step jump is another great jump to have in your repertoire. This is a go-to exercise if you’re looking to do high-intensity workouts and calorie-shedding fitness challenges.

We can guarantee intensity levels on a higher scale with this jump rope exercise. To really challenge yourself, do this jump at maximum pace using a heavy rope.

3. Boxer Step Jump

Workout like a boxer with a jump rope exercise aptly named “boxer step jump”. While great for burning calories, this jump focuses more on improving endurance. It accomplishes this by letting you constantly shift your weight from one side to another, allowing for more extended periods of jumping.

4. High Knees

If the intensity of the alternate foot step jump still isn’t enough for you, then try the high knee step. This is the very definition of skipping your way to a higher heart rate, which allows you to accomplish some really effective fat-burning exercise routines.

5. Jacks

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced jumper, it doesn’t matter. You’ll have fun doing jump rope jacks, for sure. What’s so great about this variation is that it boosts your coordination and offers you a fun and refreshing way to execute the basic jumps. This is an awesome jump to learn right after you master the basics.

6. Mummy Kicks

Beginners are going to love the mummy kicks. If you’re looking to mix up your workouts, then don’t hesitate to add these jumps to your repertoire.

7. Criss Cross

Now, this jumping rope exercise is something you definitely know. One of the reasons it’s the coolest jump to watch is the skill level required to master it. But don’t worry because once you get the hang of it, it’s going to tone those upper body muscles of yours to perfection.

8. Side Swing

This one’s a pretty simple jump rope exercise. It’s a great way to rest actively in the middle of your workouts. You can even get an upper-body workout boost when you execute these jumps using heavier ropes. Plus, you’ll look pretty sleek doing it, too.

9. Side Unders

The side under jump can be deceiving. It looks easy but is actually pretty challenging. If you want to amp up on the calorie-burning scale and add some variety to your workouts, try adding this one into your routine.

Tip: it’s best to incorporate the side under once you’ve mastered the other exercises.

10. Half and Full Twist

Just when you thought you’ve heard all the versions of the basic jump, here’s another one that’s even more fun. To get this jump right, master the motion and rhythm without the rope first. Once you get the hang of it, then add the rope. You’ll see it’s easier to learn this exercise that way.


Burning those extra calories is always going to take a lot of work. It’ll take time, effort, and determination to achieve your fitness goals.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck doing dull and boring workouts. You can add a little bit of variety and fun to your journey by incorporating jump rope exercises into your regular programs. Work towards integrating the ten on our list into your workouts so that you can have a fun, refreshing, and effective way to lose weight and get healthy.

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